Organising committee members

Tonny Karlsmark

Tonny Karlsmark, MD, Assoc. Professor

Tonny Karlsmark is consultant and associated professor in Dermato-venereology working at Bispebjerg Hospital, University of Copenhagen. As former head of the department for 15 years, he has experience as well as a diploma in National Health Service Management. He has held Honorary positions such as chairman of the Danish Dermatological Society 2003-2005 and chairman of the Danish Lymphoedema Framework (DLF) from 2010.

His main research areas include wound healing and treatment of chronic oedema. In 1990 he defended

his thesis about “Electrically induced dermal changes” – a morphologic study of porcine skin after transfer of low-moderate amount of electrically energy.

He has published more than 115 articles in international journals and acts as advisor for more than 10 Ph.D. degrees and made opposition (acting as critic) for 1 doctoral thesis and 9 Ph.D. degrees.

Tonny joined the ILF Board in June 2018.

Anna Kennedy

Anna Kennedy

Anna spent 30 years in corporate senior management, working in the areas of training and communications for international companies like Thomas Cook and American Express. Her last business role was Vice-President with Indigo-Chapters, Canada’s largest retail book store, before she transitioned to the charitable sector in 2006.

Anna is now well entrenched within the lymphedema community on multiple levels. She is a Founding Director of the Canadian Lymphedema Framework and provides leadership in her role as both the CLF’s Executive Director and Editor of Pathways – Canada`s lymphedema magazine. She was appointed in 2012 to the Board of the International Lymphoedema Framework and since 2015 has been serving in her role on the ILF Executive Committee as Executive Secretary. Her contributions to the ILF include communications and conference organization. She was responsible for organizing the first International Lymphoedema Framework conference outside of England – (2011 Canada) and has been on the organizing committees of all the ILF subsequent conferences.

In 2012, Anna was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of her leadership and contribution to the lives of Canadians. As a cancer survivor, living with lymphedema, Anna advocates healthy living and a positive attitude to help manage her life-long condition. She has presented on patient advocacy initiatives at numerous national and international conferences.

Bonnie Lasinski

Bonnie  Lasinski,  MA,  PT,  CI-CS,  CLT-LANA,  is  Clinical  Director  of  the  Boris/Lasinski  School,  teaching  the  Casley-Smith  Method  of  CLT,  and  former  Clinical  Director  of  Lymphedema  Therapy  in  Woodbury,  Long  Island,  NY  (retired  2016).  She  graduated  from  the  SUNY  Downstate  Medical  Center  Physical  Therapy  program  (1976)  and  Columbia  University's  program  in  Motor  Learning  (1981).  Ms.  Lasinski  studied  Lymphology  and  lymphedema  treatment  with  the  Casley-Smiths  (1992)  and  was  certified  as  a  Casley-Smith  instructor  (1995).  She  has  presented  135-hour  courses  in  Lymphedema  Management  (University  of  Vermont);  Sacred  Heart  University  (Connecticut);  and  in  collaboration  with  the  Lymphoedema  Association  of  Quebec  and  McGill  University  (Montreal,  Canada).  She  has  extensively  presented  about  managing  lymphatic  system  disorders.  She  has  co-authored  three  clinical  studies  on  lymphedema  treatment  published  in  Oncology  and  Lymphology;  contributed  case  studies  to  Modern  Treatment  for  Lymphoedema  (Casley-Smith,  1997);  and  authored  the  Lymphatic  System  chapter  in  "Pathology:  Implications  for  the  Physical  Therapist"  (Saunders.  2002,  2009,  2015).  Ms.  Lasinski  is  an  active  member  of  the  International  Society  of  Lymphology;  Lymphology  Association  of  North  America;  Casley-Smith  International;  International  Lymphoedema  Framework;  and  American  Lymphedema  Framework  Project. 

Julia Rodrick

Julia Rodrick, OTR/L; CLT-LANA; WCC, is a Registered Occupational Therapist recognized as an international mentor and lecturer in the treatment of Lymphedema. She specializes in areas of oncology rehabilitation, orthopedics and wound care. As owner and director of Essential Therapy Education, LLC Julia strives to advocate for lymphedema awareness and clinical education, committing her skills to the development of effective lymphedema treatment through her practice in central Illinois.  She received advanced training of Manual Lymph Drainage and Complete Decongestive Therapies (MLD/CDT) through the Foeldi Clinic and The National Alliance of Wound Care and has taught the principles of MLD/CDT as an instructor with The Norton School of Lymphatic Studies (2016-present) and through Klose Training and Consulting, LCC. (2006-2014). Julia has served on the Lymphology Assoc. of North America, Board of Directors from 2004-2011 and as a long-standing patient educator for the National Lymphedema Network. Currently, she serves on the steering committee for the American Lymphedema Framework Project, contributing to the adaptation of the International Best Practice Document, (2006 and 2013) in association with the ILS. Over the years, she has collaborated with fellow colleagues on several published works intended to promote the provision of quality care to those who struggle with the condition of lymphedema. 

Kathryn Thrift


Kathryn was certified as a therapist in the Dr. Vodder Method of Manual Lymph Drainage/Combined Decongestive Therapy in 1987.  She received her certification as a Dr. Vodder Basic Instructor in 1992 and was certified as a Therapy I Instructor in 1997. She has received additional training in lymphedema management in Australia with the Casley-Smiths (1994) and in Germany at the Földi School (1998).

From 1997 until 1999, she served on the Board of Directors of the National Lymphedema Network (NLN).  From 1998 until 2017, she served on the Medical Advisory Committee of the NLN.  She is an original and current member of the Board of Directors of the Lymphology Association of North America (LANA), which has instituted a national certification for lymphedema therapists. 

She joined the American Lymphedema Framework Project Steering Committee in 2009. In 2012, she was appointed a Courtesy Adjunct Faculty, Sinclair School of Nursing, University of Missouri-Columbia.

Kathryn has a B.S. degree from Central Missouri State University. She currently lives in Dallas TX with her husband, Clem.

Joan White


Joan P. White

Joan White is the founder and director of the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network of Greater Atlanta, Georgia.  She has been a lymphedema patient since 1988.  The LLN began around a kitchen table 25 years ago and has grown to be recognized as one of the elite organizations for education and awareness for lymphatic disease in the USA.  The LLN sponsors an annual all-day medical conference bringing some of the top experts in lymphology to the Atlanta area.  In addition to educating patients, caregivers and the medical professionals at the annual conference, the LLN has sponsored nurse’s intensive conferences and conferences specific for physicians. 

Over the years, Joan has been recognized for her service in educating, advocating, and creating awareness for lymphatic disease.  Joan is a member of the Lymph Science Advocacy Program (LSAP) through the National Lymphedema Network.  In 2008, she was selected as an 11 Alive Community Service Award Honoree.