About ALFP

The American Lymphedema Framework Project (ALFP) is a national multidisciplinary collaborative initiative developed under the leadership of Professor Jane Armer, PhD, RN, Director, and Dr. Joseph Feldman, MD, CLT-LANA, Co-Director, along with Professor Christine Moffatt, PhD, RN, Clinical Director of the International Lymphoedema Framework project (established in the United Kingdom), Dr. Janice Cormier, ALFP Executive Committee member, and nationally recognized clinical experts and investigators in the field of lymphedema. Headquarters for the ALFP are located at the University of Missouri Center for Lymphedema Research, Practice, and Health Policy.

The mission of the ALFP is to improve the management of lymphedema and related disorders in the United States while contributing to global international advancement. This will be achieved by defining best practices of lymphedema management and developing a minimum data set to improve lymphedema outcomes. The ALFP will establish a leadership role in lymphedema risk reduction, treatment, education, health policy, and research. These outcomes will be achieved through a partnership among all lymphedema stakeholders, including patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, industry representatives, and third-party payers.

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